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they would make such a cute couple.
hi, i love them.a lot. 
i could not be more in love with her outfit.
they would make pretty babies… lol.#justsaying

i just saw Magic Mike AND Ted…

Magic Mike.

i can’t even… that movie was literally so bad. yeah, Channing Tatum is sexy as fuck. yeah, Alex Pettyfer is beautiful. i couldn’t take my eyes off Matt Bomer. but oh my god, was it a bad movie. there was absolutely no plot line, the script was terrible, the acting was terrible, the ending made no sense. jeez, i was disappointed.

but Ted was hilarioussss. i loved it. anything with Mila Kunis. <3 i’m in love with her.

and her and Mark Wahlberg have such good chemistry together! kinda wish they were a couple in real life, despite the age difference. haha. it was funny, but all i could hear was Peter Griffin. Ted was so cute though, and the ending couldn’t have been more perfect. ALSO, Ryan Reynolds. really, i love i love.

AH, Magic Mike. i’m still so disappointed. why did Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer have to be in that? Channing Tatum is such a better actor than that! and the girl. oh my fucken god, that girl’s laugh. i could not stand it! she had these annoyingly pouted lips too, that was all i could notice. awful actress, but maybe it was just the script. it’s upsetting to me that that movie had such high ratings… what has our world come to?



this movie gives me so much hope

why is Mila Kunis just perfect?

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake &lt;3
mehh, why is she so pretty?



Mila Kunis for GO Magazine. There is never enough of her in my life.

my god.