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Is this a dream?
really wish he had more dancing scenes in Magic Mike!since that was the only good thing about the movie……… 
so cute… <3
although, i didn’t really like this movie.
they would make pretty babies… lol.#justsaying

i just saw Magic Mike AND Ted…

Magic Mike.

i can’t even… that movie was literally so bad. yeah, Channing Tatum is sexy as fuck. yeah, Alex Pettyfer is beautiful. i couldn’t take my eyes off Matt Bomer. but oh my god, was it a bad movie. there was absolutely no plot line, the script was terrible, the acting was terrible, the ending made no sense. jeez, i was disappointed.

but Ted was hilarioussss. i loved it. anything with Mila Kunis. <3 i’m in love with her.

and her and Mark Wahlberg have such good chemistry together! kinda wish they were a couple in real life, despite the age difference. haha. it was funny, but all i could hear was Peter Griffin. Ted was so cute though, and the ending couldn’t have been more perfect. ALSO, Ryan Reynolds. really, i love i love.

AH, Magic Mike. i’m still so disappointed. why did Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer have to be in that? Channing Tatum is such a better actor than that! and the girl. oh my fucken god, that girl’s laugh. i could not stand it! she had these annoyingly pouted lips too, that was all i could notice. awful actress, but maybe it was just the script. it’s upsetting to me that that movie had such high ratings… what has our world come to?



Holy damn :P 

oh, dear gosh.UNF.
this movie was cute, i enjoyed it.
totally just watched Dear John.wasn&#8217;t a huge fan&#8230; but Channing Tatum. just, my god, look at him.
i really want to watch G.I. Joe now.
totally just watched this a couple days ago.:)
so glad i finally own this movie.